In the Xmas Special Box you will find spontaneous drops that are already sold out! That is, we save some packs from our personal inventory to give you a Christmas surprise.


You will find the 3 genetics most acclaimed by the public: Randy Marsh, Grasa de Mono and the iconic Neskuik! In addition to the Christmas specials: Grinch’s Breath and Nieve Navideña, whose terpenes are extremely rare and stinky. You already know that to see the information on each genetic, you can find them in the “drops” section of our website, or by searching for them by name in the search engine above.


As if this were not enough, we include a suitcase box that you can reuse and stickers so you can add some cool to your refrigerator!



Grinch’s Breath (3 fem)

Nieve Navideña (3 fem)

Randy Marsh (female 3)

Grasa de Mono (3 fem)

Neskuik (6 reg)